• Spirit Baby Reading / Mentoring Session

    Are you ready to connect directly with your spirit baby so that you can open up the channels of communication? Surf the wild woman shop

Spirit Baby Reading / Mentoring Session

On this website you will find lots of different online programs and meditations where the invitation is for you to connect directly with your spirit baby so that you can open up the channels of communication. My intention in offering these programs is to create an environment where you are able to connect with your baby and your intuition so that you can find the answers that you seek from within, a sacred space where you will no longer need to seek outside guidance. My greatest wish for you is that you enter into the knowing space where your baby and your intuition will guide you on this journey of communication and conception.

If you are not yet at the place on your journey where you are able to fully trust what you are receiving from your intuition and you decide that you would like additional support in connecting with the spirit of your unborn baby I do offer spirit baby readings / mentor sessions. The session will assist you to connect with and communicate with your spirit baby.

It is important for me to share this information before you book a session.

Readings were at one time in the old paradigm of consciousness much more accurate as third dimensional reality is linear being past, present and future and the timeline available was only one timeline; however the fact that you are on this site and reading this information means you are not birthing a 3D baby. Your baby is coming in with fifth dimensional consciousness and 5D consciousness is multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional consciousness means that there are an infinite number of possible time lines available at any one time. Time lines can and do shift.

At the time of your reading I can only tell you the most probable timeline that you are currently aligned with. Nothing is concrete in 5D reality and it is up to you and your spirit baby to choose which timeline you will align with and when. It is because of this I am an advocate of women learning how to tune in with their baby and to seek the answers from their baby and their intuition directly.

With this being said a session is an excellent way to confirm that there is a baby waiting to incarnate to you and that you are indeed already communicating with your baby. With this knowing you are able to drop deeper into a space of knowing where you able to trust that what you are receiving is real. Once you drop into this space of trust, the messages from your spirit baby become so obvious that you will wonder how you never saw them before.


1 x 45 minute online session – via zoom
$111 AUD

1 x 30 minute online follow up session – via zoom
$55 AUD

All sessions done via zoom with the recording of your session sent to you via drop box after the session.

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