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Hi I’m Belle.
Welcome to Surf the Wild Woman

I choose to create a life of joy, abundance and freedom. To live a life that is authentic to me, my family and my life style. The content and offerings on this site have been created with my gifts and talents which have been accumulated from my time spent on the planet; they are painted with my unique vibration and life experience.

After spending my youth with no idea of my calling, it was a severe illness in 2012 that took me years to recover from that was the catalyst to remembering why I had come to the planet. Through the process of regaining my health I slowly began to unravel the information I had known as a child. I have spent the past 8 years waking up and remembering my mission on earth; so that I could help others do the same. I birthed a brand new version of myself so that I could now emerge ready to claim and share my gifts with the planet.


Welcome, if you have been guided to this site then you too are on a journey of birthing a new you. Together we rise so that collectively we create a new way to live. I live on Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast.

 I am a global traveler, surfer, writer, wild woman, shamanic midwife, wife, mother, mentor, filmmaker, entrepreneur and ultimate story teller.


I am often told that I am fearless in asking questions of my peers or people I meet on the road. I live my life for the moment and believe that it is your birth right to experience a life of joy. I am a complete rebel and non conformist who refuses to live my life by the rules of others.

I follow the signs of synchronicity which play out in my life to let me know that I am on the right track.

I am an adventurous fun Aussie who loves surfing, the outdoors and life. I choose to experience a life of love, happiness and passion while also being able to celebrate and draw from the not so great events that happen in life.

Life to me is pretty simple. Eat well, move your body, surf everyday and don’t take your self too seriously. Life is about having fun and embracing every moment whether or not your moment is good or bad.


My intention is to encourage others to live and create from their centre and to fully express themselves as who they authentically are.

I was just a child when I first announced that I was going to travel the world and live an extraordinary life.

I didn’t care that people told me that living a life of joy, abundance and freedom was only a dream; I knew 100 percent that I would fulfil this prophecy.

After spending a decade traveling and living abroad I settled on the Gold Coast where surfing would become a huge part of my life. I completed a Bachelor of Film and Television and began making documentaries focusing on social impact stories, different cultures and social taboos. My current project Surf The Wild Woman showcases the nature of the Wild Woman archetype and how you can access this woman in your own life. Surf The Wild Woman is a surf adventure series with heart that is currently in development.


In addition to this I trained under the wonderful and gifted Jane Hardwicke Collings at the School of Shamanic Womancraft. The school is a women’s mysteries school filled with a community of women who are united by a revolutionary impulse for social change and healing. The school creates circles of intimacy and belonging in which growth and transformation can unfold. The cutting-edge programs are designed to help women undertake their inner healing work, and build resilience, stamina and adaptability so they can respond to the global need for sustainable living on every level.

I am no stranger to adversity and life’s struggles.

It took 8 years of being rejected before someone believed in my vision of Surf The Wild Woman. It took 8 years of disappointments and setbacks to conceive my baby. After planning a home birth I experienced a stroke that caused me to lose my eyesight just hours before going into labour. I was called to surrender to the process. I birthed my baby blind with only my senses to guide me. Fortunately my sight returned post birth and upon enquiry I learned my birth happened to show me that which was so deep I was unable to see.

I have a natural gift of helping others to see their unseen gifts and abilities allowing them to access their full potential, birthing the best versions of themselves. Through working with me you will begin to experience the magic of living in the realm of limitlessness, a place where all things are possible. 


Bringing together all of my skills and unique gifts I have created a variety of online content for you to do in the privacy of your own home and in your own time. I offer you the tools so that you can listen to you own intuition above and beyond any outside authority.

I am a trusted voice of the divine feminine.

I will assist you to open the door to a journey of self discovery, awareness, self love and freedom. Whether you want to birth a baby, a brand new business or you want healthier relationships. The content that I have created will assist you in releasing the blocks that have been holding you back.

Have you ever wanted to say no and ended up saying yes? Or vice versa have you wanted to say yes but everyone else is telling you to say no?

Miraculous things happen when you begin to implement small changes into your life. As you begin to love what ever arises and shift to a fertile living mindset your whole world will change.

I will act as your shamanic midwife, holding space for you as you remember and reclaim long forgotten knowledge. As you remember you will begin to shift your mindset into FERTILE. A dramatic shift that improves your relationships with self and others naturally and organically.

If you are willing and open to invest in yourself, if your soul is giving you a hell yes I am ready then now is your time.