• Conscious Conception Program

    If you are reading this information and interested in this program then you have signed up to be a higher dimensional parent in this lifetime. Surf the wild woman shop

Conscious Conception Program

If you are reading this information and interested in this program then you have signed up to be a higher dimensional parent in this lifetime. The babies coming through from the higher dimensions are asking for their mamas to listen to what they have to share before conceiving.

This program has been created to assist you in calling forth your spirit baby, to inform them that you are ready to invite them into your life and onto planet earth. Your baby is already speaking to you and this program is for the women who are ready to open up the communication channels with their baby so that she can become the best possible version of herself. Your spirit baby has hand chosen you to birth him / her as the best mama to support their mission on earth; which is to assist in the collective awakening of humanity.

Conscious Conception Program ($444)

Your PDF work book is for you to journal and take notes after each meditation so that you may return and remind yourself of the wisdom you received. Taking notes also helps to cement the lessons that you received on any given journey.

  • 22 meditations throughout your moon cycle with special focus on communicating with your spirit baby and your womb / heart connection
  • 22 10-15 minute breath / yoga practices
  • PDF Work Book / journal
  • Meditation and practice for if your cycle is unsuccessful / successful

Bonus Inclusions

Have you ever wondered where the souls of unborn babies are waiting before they incarnate onto the planet.

Through my own 8 year fertility journey I learned to communicate with my spirit baby.

If you are on this site and reading this information your baby is trying to communicate with you too.

Do this meditation anytime you wish to meet with your spirit baby.

A shamanic drum journey into your to your womb with the intention of meeting your spirit baby.

If you are yearning for a baby then know that your baby is yearning for you.

Your spirit baby is already communicating with you, learn to connect with his / her wisdom so that you can be the mother he / she has come to experience

Do you believe in magic, do you believe in limitless possibilities. Do you believe that anything is possible. If you answered no to any of these questions have you ever asked yourself why?

You are living in a realm of infinite abundance should you choose to align with it. You have the power inside you now to create that which you most desire.

The divine intelligence of your body knows exactly how to move to and welcome your spirit baby into your womb.

This practice contains a lead in meditation where I direct you to follow your own intuition and to move exactly as your body is asking you to move so that you can call your spirit baby into your womb.

The meditation is followed by a play list of music to open and activate your sacral chakra. I do not speak or offer any instructions during the music as the invitation is to trust your own bodies wisdom.

At the end of the music the session is completed by a finishing meditation.



Thank You Belle!

Hi Belle, just an update from Conscious Conception… last night before I went to bed I got an overwhelming urge to create a Pinterest board for a nursery. I have never done this before, never looked for nursery/decor supplies, etc, but I created a complete nursery… it was 2am before I went to bed. I now understand why… Day 9 of Conscious Conception – the day where we had to decorate our womb, the moment you said that my heart skipped – my spirit daughter told me last night how she wanted her room/my womb for when sperm met egg! I had the visual from last night from the Pinterest board and I know she did that to help me deepen into the meditation for today. TY!!


A Wonderful Program.

Hi Belle, I wanted to reach out to thank you again. It took me a bit to figure out a good rhythm because I have irregular cycles, but I worked on the workbook in the meantime and I’m on the right track now. I am just so grateful for your expertise and the amazing Conscious Conception program. I am still very much learning to communicate with my spirit baby, but the peace this program has brought me is beyond words. The connection and love I have been blessed to confirm is incredible. Following the unsuccessful cycle meditation has also helped tremendously as I am normally an emotional mess each month. Not this month, though! Just a wonderful program and I can’t thank you enough! 


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