Wano (Taiwan/Australia)

Wano grew up on a mountain in Taiwan. Her father passed away when she was 5 years old. Her mum had three daughters but because they were so poor she could not afford to bring up all three children on her own so she gave the youngest sister to a rich family member to raise her.

Wano came to Australia when she was 26 years old where she met her ex- husband, they had one child together; a daughter named Miami. They separated when Miami was 2 years old.

She has been a hairdresser since she was 18 years old. Hairdressing allowed her to work anywhere in any country. She has now revolved her whole life and work around surfing so that she can surf everyday. She is very grateful to hairdressing for giving her this gift.

In March 2014 Wano had her first surf lesson. The moment she rode her first wave she felt alive inside out, every cell of her body was buzzing. She has never stopped surfing since.

Everyday she is learning surfing. She wants the excitement, adrenaline and energy the ocean and surfing gives her, it’s her life life. She goes everyday no matter what the conditions are. Big wave, small wave, glassy, messy, clean, Wano doesn’t care she just wants to go out there with her surfboard.

When she is surfing she feels free to be herself, she can show her true colour and no one is judging her for who she is. Surfing makes her feel confident, strong and beautiful.

She learned to surf at Currumbin Alley on the Gold Coast of Australia and she has met so many good friends there. They are like her fathers, her mothers, her brothers and her sisters. They give her so much courage and support which is something she never had in Taiwan. Surfing gave her a family. She owes surfing everything.

Surf The Wild Woman is a once in a life time opportunity for Wano. She is so happy and grateful that Belle asked her to be part of the journey. Growing up in Taiwan life is hard and life in Australia as a single mum has been hard, her life has been tough. She is a woman so small in this giant world and to have this opportunity to be on this journey is one of her amazing achievements in life.

Wano has a dream to become a professional longboarder and to compete on the world tour after her daughter Miami grows up.