Kirra (Australia)

Kirra had a pretty rough upbringing from a baby until about 8 years old, then going into a mixed family with parents arguing every waking moment. Her dad Taught her how to surf when she was 7 years old. She remembers the early mornings of the old EJ starting up and that would be her alarm to wake up. That was the “it’s surf time” calling.

Whenever her parents would argue (most morning) she would always go surfing, surfing was her church. She would walk down the beach at Alexandra headland at 6am with her longboard on her head. She had a few friends who she would meet up with and would spend all morning surfing and sharing waves.

The ocean was her home. It was her safe place. It was the only place where she felt like she would be taken care of. Even if I fell off a wave ( she’s not a very good swimmer) the ocean always knew when she needed her help.

Kirra is a very independent woman. Starting a full time hairdressing apprenticeship at the age of 15, moving to cairns at 18 to follow a boy then moving home at 19 as she missed surfing my favourite break. 19 was the age where she really started to get into surfing more. Getting boards shaped for her surfing and understanding the power of the waves. She never really saw many women out in the water so she always had to fight for the wave herself, but she never felt alone because the ocean always wrapped her in feminine love.

Being always surrounded by the males in the surf made her feel empowered. She never felt intimidated as the ocean was her mother. She would take care of her.

Now being 25 she has seen more women / girls out In the water than ever before! It’s invigorating! The power and the energy while sitting on your board under the rising sun is pure magic! Always encouraging one another and seeing smiles on everyones faces.

All Kirra wants is to see more women in the line up. The amount of times she has heard a girl say, “dam wish I could surf”
Well hell yeah girl! Come out with me and I’ll teach you!

Kirra wants girls to feel comfortable out there and not feel judged if they can’t paddle hard enough or not be able to jump up straight away. After all these years she still can’t get to her feet quick enough! She is a hair dresser and has her own little side business specialising in hair and makeup. She loves her job! Being able to transform people to make them feel confident in their own skin is possibly on par with the feeling of standing on wave…. Seeing young girls getting all dressed up for their school formal and seeing their dads shed a tear when their daughter puts her veil in her hair. Kirra has the best of both worlds. Surfing twice a day and have a fulfilling career. Sure both of them a hard work and can’t catch the wave of the every day or get that perfect colour straight away. It’s a working progress! Just live your best life!

The journey of Surf The Wild Woman is a dream come true for Kirra, to be asked to go on such a journey made her heart explode into a million tiny pieces. Her intention for going on the journey is to encourage more women into the surf.